It’s true, you can’t buy eggs which are anything smaller than “large.” If those are the large eggs than what are considered medium eggs? Is this some industry lingo where smaller eggs actually exist but they aren’t put in cartons? Are they talking about quail eggs? This comic came about because I have a very small refrigerator (one of the ones that fits underneath a kitchen counter) and my egg holders are too cramped to accomodate anything bigger than “large” eggs. If I get something bigger then basically I can’t have two eggs next to each other and what happens is I keep the carton in another section of the fridge.

While on the subject of eggs does anyone know why it is that most eggs sold in New York seem to still use styrofoam? I thought we were past the whole styrofoam craze after we figured out that it would outlast the next few millenia? That always bugs me when I go to buy eggs.