So many times when reading interviews you just wonder why they ask some questions, because you know that the answer they’re going to give is complete b.s. because they wouldn’t be caught dead otherwise. Of course Microsoft isn’t going to say that they want Windows on every computer in the world and for everyone to use their products instead of software by other companies. The whole digital music competition argument is just stupid because most people out there want to be using an iPod. That’s the simple truth. People who don’t want to use the iPod are generally the minority that are such techno geeks that hey want to be able to use all of the dozens of audio formats that exist out there.

What would really be the point of having downloaded music from so many different stores too? So many of the ones other than iTunes have different rules so eventually it’d only be natural to start mixing them up. Apple may be sneaky in their own ways but the way they simplify things is part of what makes them so successful, at least in terms of the digital music department.