This is actually a swipe at the NYU computer lab I worked at when I was in school. My boss was a great guy, but very reluctant to do upgrading of any sort. We weren’t even on Mac OS X by the time I left and were still on G4s which the school had purchased my freshman or sophomore year. The most annoying thing about that is you have new freshman who are coming in with a brand new computer bought by their parents and then complaining about your facilities. Sorry, but it’s a tad easier for individual students to get new computers than it is for us to swap out the entire computer lab.

Oh wait, I got off topic. I was talking about how our computer lab was kind of lame. It actually wasn’t so bad, but it was very irritating to find out about other facilities around campus which were getting nicer computers than us. Especially the computer lab on West 4th street where they all had Apple LCD displays which is just a tremendous waste of money. But when you’re dealing with a school where a lot of money goes in and out, sometimes you need stuff that looks good to impress the investors. Which I understand, but still think is dumb.