Once I wanted to work at the Apple Store. Once. I don’t envy anyone in tech support. I especially don’t envy people in tech support who deal with people that don’t use computers. There are many jobs I would take before taking that kind of tech support job. There’s just no gratification when you deal with people that dumb for eight hours a day (or longer). I was at the Apple Store and I did actually witness a guy working there trying to explain to a woman why getting a wireless internet antennae to expand her network wouldn’t allow her to use her laptop when she was on the subway.

The thing is that they have to be nice there because they have an image to protect, so they just have to roll with every asinine little comment they get. “Well, you COULD hookup enough adapters to the DVI connection on a laptop so that eventually you could view it on an etch-a-sketch…” Plus the guys at the genius bar have to deal with the cockiness that’s inherent in working a place called “The Genius Bar.”