Wind is kind of cool because when it’s really strong it’s almost as if I can feel the building shaking. My windows certainly rattle when it’s really strong. What sucks though is that my windows aren’t the most airtight which means that they leak and it can get crappy when it’s really cold during the winter. The window next to my computer leaks a lot so I’ve used the plastic insulation stuff that you put on with double-sided tape.

The first year I used that stuff it pretty much stayed on, but the second time it would flex and rip off all the time. When one part is ripped off it’s like when you try to whistle using a blade of grass. So usually I tore it down in frustration. Plus even if it does stay on it gradually stretches out because of the wind and then you get it flexing in and out which makes an annoying sound. You’re supposed to make it tight by using a hair dryer to heat the plastic but the one I have not only has a cord too short to efficiently reach the plastic, but it’s not hot enough to heat the plastic. Lame.