Those movie titles are based off of actual flubs that I’ve heard customers make.When I worked at my parent’s video store it was astounding the number of ways people could butcher a movie title. Though what I find even more astounding is the capacity to not bust out laughing when caught off guard with one of these requests.

Two of the best came from this one customer. One time he asked for “Mommy” and the other time he asked for “60 Minutes.” The first one I tried to think it out, first I guessed “The Mummy” but then ended up finding out it was “Big Momma’s House.” For the second I guessed “The Insider” because that had come out recently and it has the whole 60 minutes thing in it, but then I guessed “Gone in 60 Seconds.” The real kicker here is that both of those films were in theaters when they asked for them.