Obviously seeing the trailer for “Return of the King” was a momentous day, but finding out that Square was planning to make a movie sequel to Final Fantasy VII was one of those moments where you go into a coma and jaw hangs low until a friend realizes you’ve been gone for a while and uses their emergency key to check if you’re all right and wakes you up.

Those of you out there who are either not gamers or haven’t played Final Fantasy VII I don’t expect to understand completely, but let me try to put this in perspective a bit. I have friends who will be on the verge of tears when they listen to the music. Being reminded of this story and the characters is a near religious experience for some. I have some friends who cried during moments in the game when characters died. Final Fantasy games are big experiences in themselves, never mind that by the time it’s finished you’ve invested at least 36 hours in it. Now imagine taking an emotional rollercoaster such as this and give it one of the most unsatisfying endings in all of video game history. This is why the movie sequel is such a big deal.

There are other reasons too. Final Fantasy VII was the first Final Fantasy game to be on the Playstation, which meant the graphics weren’t really up there in terms of sophistication (by today’s standards). This basically meant that during most of the game the characters are blocks of 3D shapes where hands might as well be big boxing gloves. Final Fantasy: Advent Children from what I’ve seen is damn near some of the most incredibly CGI filmmaking I’ve ever seen. Way better than the crappy Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within movie which was constantly touted its “photo-realistic” CG characters which also happened to be terribly animated. Basically, imagine that the first Star Wars movie was made entirely with legos, and that the follow up was going to be the films as they actually are. Not sure if this came out terribly coherent, but I hope at least some of the excitement came through.

Back to the comic. One thing I find amusing is when people are so happy their spontaneous acts of joy involve strangers around them. Equally funny are people who are frightened by said acts of joy.