Too bad the movie sucked. Still though, watching the trailer for the second and third Matrix movies is still a very satisfying experience for me. It’s an interesting experience because it reminds me of the disappointment of seeing the films, but it also reminds me of the excitement of seeing the trailers for the first time. Somehow the revisited excitement is genuine enough to overshadow the disappointment. Though I don’t get this with all trailers for movies that sucked.

For example, periodically I watch the first teaser for “The Phantom Menace,” and pretty much all I feel there is betrayal. That’s the first high quality quicktime trailer I ever downloaded, watched it over and over and over again. I remember I was in my living room at home on my beige Power Mac 7200, looking at this tiny window that couldn’t have been bigger than 320 x 240 and the audio levels were REALLY LOW. Rewatching that trailer is just depressing to me.