This doesn’t happen strictly with video games, just 95% of the time with video games. Especially on a weekend when I have no food in my fridge I really have to force myself to get up and go eat. This kind of mentality is dangerous with games like Final Fantasy and RPGs in general because usually if you reach a point where you just finished a task that means that eight more opened up and of course you’ll want to check those out first. Next thing you know you’re putting off eating until two more tasks are finished.

I get like this sometimes when I’m working on something to. When I was making a re-subtitled version of my Hong Kong DVD of “Shaolin Soccer” I really had to pull myself away from it because I was having so much fun. There was also one time at work when I completely missed lunch and didn’t even realize it until I was ready to go home and realized my sandwich was still in my bag, scary.