It’s very upsetting for me to see people who are around my age not know how to use a computer. I can understand not being entirely proficient, because a lot of college students just use it for email and word processing. It’s just that my way of learning computers seems like the way that would make sense for anyone else to do it. Namely, to turn on the computer and start pressing buttons, clicking on things and figuring it all out. It’s difficult for me to come to grips with the fact that a lot of people just aren’t like that. I’m especially hard on my friends when they’re doing stuff with their computer and something that’s second nature to me confuses the heck out of them. I have to learn not to do that.

However, even if I accept that many people out there are really sucky at using computers, I do not understand the logic of going through computer manuals when you’re not in front of the computer. I can think of few things more boring or counterproductive than doing something like that. Especially if you’re not good with computers, because the odds that you’ll suddenly recall everything you just read on the subway aren’t so great.