Summer in New York, and I suppose any urban environment is all about extremes of temperature. It’s constant adjustment, especially if it’s a weekend, and you go out shopping or some other activity that requires you to repeatedly go indoors and outdoors a lot. I’m not even just talking about going from an air conditioned store to the sweltering heat outdoors. It can just be walking down the street that this happens.

You could be walking around when you walk over a heated vent from the subway, or the heat from a laundry dryer or bus. Old Navy on Broadway usually has their a/c up really high and their doors open so that’s a briefly refreshing moment that I can get sometimes during the summer. The same goes for other stores too, but Old Navy seemed to have the strongest a/c. I think the constant switch in temperature is something that can really mess people up, or god forbid give them a summer cold, those are the worst. Movie theaters are just cold all year round, it’s a scientific fact.