More self referential humor. Like I said in my “about” page I don’t want to create a new character design which has just become a style thing of the comic at this point. I don’t know what people think of the fact that I only have one other character than the main guy. This is something I do when I’m headed towards Canal street from Manhattan, and usually it works if the train car isn’t too full.

Getting a seat in the subway is kind of tricky sometimes. You have to look at body language, see if people are packing up their book or are their hands gripping their bag indicating they’re ready to jet up once the doors open. Plus, at the same time if you don’t want to look like a dick you should survey the other people standing to see if there are any elderly people around.

There could be other reasons you’d give up a seat for someone else. I once saw a girl reading who wasn’t holding onto any kind of bar for support and some people are really good at this, but she’d really be shuffled around if the train moved suddenly. So I let her get a seat because it was clear she wasn’t going to hold onto something, and it just looked silly to see her do this. One time I was talking about this with some friends and a girl was saying how easy it was to get a seat because she’s cute. This is not a good reason to not take a seat, if there’s a cute girl nearby and I’m closer, that seat’s mine.

Someone could probably write a book about how to most efficiently use the subway.