RPGs are a blessing in disguised. I love Final Fantasy games and RPGs with a really good story. Unfortunately there are not enough physical hours in a day for these games to be beat. You usually need at least a day and a half straight in order to beat these games. Sometimes simple tasks take a very long time, but more often than not there are usually a dozen given tasks at any moment in the game.

The problem lies when you say stuff to yourself like “Just after I reach this point I’ll stop playing” or “After I kill this guy I’ll stop playing.” The problem being that solving any task opens up several more or worse, plays a long cutscene where the story suddenly changes and you absolutely have to find out what happens next. This is how RPGs suck you in, or the good ones at least. I’ve only pulled one all nighter before and that was with Final Fantasy IX where I was playing the Chocobo game which isn’t even an essential thing to beat the game.

That TV tray is almost precisely like how mine looks except I removed one of the shelves on the front to make it easier to draw.