I had no religious upbringing at all in my family. The closest thing I had was burning incense on Chinese New Year, but otherwise I didn’t grow up believing in any god or gods of any sort, which is one reason I don’t feel obligated to capitalize the word. The religious pamphlets you get on the subway and various other places just irritate the piss out of me for the same reasons that there are no real answers to the practical questions for the bible. Those reasons being that ultimately most of religion is based on faith rather than proof. This is why religious groups are referred to as “faith based” now since religion has gained a negative connotation in many books.

I could go on all day with reasons that I’m irritated by religion, but I’ll stay within the confines of this strip which has a small simple reason. That reason being that the rationale for all the reasons you should take Jesus into your life are only backed up by passages in a book a bunch of guys got together and wrote a very long time ago. Kind of like writing a research paper with quotes taken completely out of context when it could turn out that had you quoted one more word your argument would fall apart.