This was what I had to go through when I went to see “Hulk.” I had made plans to go see that film with some friends, and at the time was having troubles so I thought I’d go into Manhattan and just get the tickets there. Of course it was sold out and I ended up going back home. I ended up going to this crappy theater near my apartment which I had never been to before, but I thought it was a good opportunity because I needed to be sure it was a crappy theater. Little did I know…

We’ve all had a theater with at least one of these things, but I think this theater had every single one of them. There are actually a couple that I didn’t include in this comic. I had kids and her mom across the aisle, one fell asleep during the film. I had some teenage guys next to and in front of me. The one next to me took great delight in hitting the back of the heads of his friends, yes, very amusing. There was a baby I’m pretty sure. I actually didn’t have a “Why’d they kill that guy?” group of people. The one I had who isn’t in this comic is the person who thinks they’re so smart that they catch all the in jokes and like to yell out things that indicate that. This person shouted out “YEAH LOU!” When Lou Ferrigno (the original TV Hulk) had his cameo.

Oh, and the movie sucked.