I read a lot of Mac rumor websites, though not as much since I got my new computer. There was a time though that I feverishly checked them every second of every day hoping to hear something about new products that were going to be released. I wouldn’t say I’m as crazy as I was before, but I’m guessing I still know about this stuff way before anyone else I talk to about new stuff from Apple.

I’ve become a little less of a Mac head in recent months for a number of reasons. First was my computer going crazy which may or may not have to do with the planet Mercury spinning in the wrong direction. The other being that Apple has apparently been more lax with their Quality Assurance as it seems every new product has major problems until at least the first revision of it. Plus how defensive a lot of Mac users are that they need to have a counterpoint to every thing that sounds vaguely anti-Mac. There’s no real criticism in Macintosh magazines that I’ve read.

I think one of my ideal qualifications for a potential girlfriend was that they had to be a Mac user. I’ve since downgraded that to a girl who knows how to use computer well. Being tech support for parents is enough, I don’t need to have another close relationship with a person who doesn’t know how to use their computer.