Sometimes getting a seat in a subway is tricky. The trick is to read the signals of a person who’s sitting down and also those around you so that you don’t step on someone’s territory. A person holding to the straps of their bag is usually going to get up. I also think it’s funny the people who get out of their seat way in advance so that they’ll be able to get out the door, even when the car isn’t full.

I prefer to be by the door, but if a car is empty enough I’ll go to the center of the car where I’ll have to reach to the higher bar, but I have a greater probability of getting a seat. Old people and kids are also something you have to watch out for because you don’t want to look like a dick by taking a seat from someone who clearly might need it more than you.

This is about as diverse an amount of backgrounds you’ll probably ever see in a strip of mine unless I get more ambitious with my drawings. I’m especially proud of his POV looking through the subway doors. The scale is kind of weird when he’s lying on the seat and his arms are weird for when he’s diving through the air.