I’m not the most difficult person to wake up. My friends in college would joke that if a pin dropped a block away t it would wake me up. The reason being that my freshman year suite was full of heavy sleepers. My roommate had one of the most obnoxious sounding alarm clocks, somehow in addition to the typical screechy sound it also had this low bass note you could really feel in your throat. Though he had developed an apparent immunity to this alarm since he had had it since the sixth grade.

I had a few moments when I had to turn off the alarm clock of my suitemates who were in the other room. That’s right, I was woken up by their alarm clocks that I heard through the wall, and these clocks weren’t even that loud. Plus there was my other suitemate who literally lived in the closet. My dorm had these huge walk in closets and this person decided to move his bed in there and had his workspace in the actual suite. This suitemate would shower in the morning, but leave his alarm on. Which meant I would get woken up by the Spanish radio station, and then have to go into his closet to turn it off.

Nowadays I realize that if I go to sleep at 3:00 am or later the chances of me getting up when I want to in the morning decrease dramatically. I used to sleep with my alarm clock within arm’s reach, but I’ve since changed it so that I have to physically sit up and reach down to the ground to turn off my alarm. Though sometimes after I wake up the first time and move the clock to the stool next to my bed, I don’t get woken up by the second alarm. This effectively renders the second alarm useless.

Though as bad as I am, I have friends who need four to six alarms to wake up in the morning.