I think this has happened to me a few times where a rather large person wedged themselves into the middle seat. It’s funny to see the ways that people try to ensure no one takes that middle seat. Most common is guys who spread their legs out so that their knees are blocking the entry point. Though other times people are just very large people and anyone short of Olive Oyl would never fit between them.

What to do when you’re sitting between two people and one on the edge moves over usually is a dilemma. If you’re on a park bench it feels like it could be insulting to the other person, but the rules on the subway are different. At first I didn’t move over when the seat next to me was freed up, but then I realized everyone and their mother moves over when that happens. It’s not insulting, if anything it’s preferred so then you both have a larger territorial bubble.

A previous subway strip was drawn better than this, but I think I was going from memory on this one, but I’m slowly reaching the point where I am now. The slits in the vent below the seat still are horizontal, gradually I started paying more attention to how this particular subway scene looks in real life and made adjustments here and there.