This doesn’t happen to me too often, but when it does it really really sucks. What’s really annoying is when you have to take the subway to someplace far away from your actual stop and take a shuttle bus that goes to your stop. Though every now and then one particular subway line isn’t running so I come up with an elaborate system of transfers just to get home which ends up adding an hour or more to my travel time.

The worst is when I get to a station where I have a choice of trains to get back home, I miss one, run to the other one, and miss that one too. Then at that point I say that I’ll just stick with that particular train, because if I go back to the other one I’ll just miss it again. Then of course you wait for half an hour at which point you can’t leave just because you’ve already waited so long so it would’ve been a complete waste of time. This is largely why I’ve made the effort to figure out how to walk home from subway stops that are one or two stops away from mine.