I hate when people put their stuff on the seat next to them, and don’t move it when there are people standing up who might rather be sitting. Most of the time people have their newspapers or shopping bags on the seat next to them, but a drink for the purpose of the comic is more obnoxious, plus fun to put over a person’s head with. Really though, if there’s ANYTHING from a wrapper to a teeny tiny puddle of water that will be enough to disuade people from taking the seat. I still haven’t reached the point of standing in front of a person and forcing them to move their bag so that I can sit down. I’ll take the seat in between two people in a heartbeat but I’m slowly working my way up.

This is the first strip where the typical subway scene almost looks like it does now. The scale hasn’t quite been established. This strip took a lot of effort at the time because I drew so many of the things individually. Every character was drawn separately from the subway seats and then I placed them over it. The drink is very obviously pasted in because the lines are so much thinner. Almost there.