This is another strip where he has a friend. I was at the Apple Store in SoHo during the announcement of the iTunes music store because I wasn’t working on that day. I love Steve Jobs’ keynote speeches because he’s a great showman. Sure, a lot of the time he’s totally full of it when he says things like “We’re coming out with iTunes for Windows and we believe it’s the BEST software ever written for the PC.” I know he only half means it, but my eyes roll when he says stuff like that.

I was using my blue/white Power Mac for about four years and what was killing me the most is that I bought an internal CD burner for it that wasn’t bootable so I couldn’t install OS X on it. I might’ve waited a bit longer to get a new computer if I was on OS X. Though the G3 hurt extra because when I got it the first G4 came out very shortly afterwards.