Ever since the first commercials for drugs like Claritin and the others of the “ask your doctor about…” drugs I’ve been amused by the side effects of all the medicines. The commercials are funny because they’ll have a good five to ten seconds at the end where they list side effects with a montage their diffused lighting slow motion footage of people smiling. It’s easier to ignore the side effects when you have something to watch, but the most amusing is when these commercials are on the radio. The side effects are read so fast that I imagine the visual equivalent are those huge paragraphs of text you see on car commercials you couldn’t even read with an HDTV.

The craziest drug side effects are for the really serious things like the AIDS medications like COMBIVIR. Those ones I read on the subway are stuff like: “liver malfunction and flu.” Now that I think about it I think that particular one was the inspiration for this strip. Some of they symptoms in this strip are made up, but I actually wrote down the side effects of COMBIVIR for use in this strip.