If this actually happened I can’t imagine the person would be so upset, because I would think the car was falling apart anyway so they’d be used to it. This was inspired by a moment I had when a friend said I should kick this car I noticed was parked in a bus stop. The “No Parking” sign I had to put together in pieces because it was just easier for me to draw the sign separate from the sign post. But it doesn’t look very good because the lines are different widths.

I actually have though about jogging in the morning especially after I started taking martial arts but I’m just not disciplined enough to do it. If anything I think my morning routine has become less disciplined. I used to shower an hour before I left, because I’d make breakfast and have a leisurely morning. Now I shower around half an hour before I go and buy breakfast at the deli by where I work. Mostly it’s because I like to sleep in some more and I’ve been staying up later.