This strip doesn’t work for continuity since he’s unemployed later on. I yanked this strip from my website temporarily because I had told my boss at this particular job about my website and I didn’t want to offend them. This was the Video Fashion company I worked at which didn’t pay me on time. The boss man interviewed me for HOURS. I think he just likes to hear himself talk, but he was talking about getting a feel for people and his good instincts and blah blah blah. This seemed silly and insulting since he was only going to be paying me hourly under the table for a stupid part time tech job. When I finally got my money and they asked if there was a place to be contacted, I smiled and said no.

The thing the character says in the second panel is just me riffing on how all requirements for office jobs tend to have the exact same buzzwords like “detail oriented.” Okay that was a phrase, but you get the point. I don’t remember if he asked me one of those stereotypical job interview questions, but it’s possible since the interview was so long.

I chose not to try to make an attempt at drawing them sitting in chairs. I hadn’t decided yet how that would look. I also used to have the blue caption boxes on the top to give some sort of context or commentary on the comic. I decided later on that the strip should stand on its own without needing to be explained. I don’t like it when comics rely on their news box to get the joke across, which is why I try to use my news box only as extra information like whether or not it’s based off of a true story and what happened to inspire it.