I have a couple strips which are very long for pacing reasons, this one especially. I think just about everyone has had an encounter with someone like this. Either they have a horrible smoker’s cough, or they’re just chock full of unsavory things in their throat. Sometimes it just feels like it goes on forever.

When my landlord was replacing all the apartment doors in my building there was a big hole in the frame leading to my neighbor’s apartment. Turns out my neighbor has the worst smoker’s cough I’ve EVER heard. Little did I realize just how soundproof my walls actually were, because previously when I heard the coughing it sounded like was coming from across the hall.

I’m not sure how well it comes across in this strip that he’s pinching himself to see if he’s dreaming. Some people thought that he spit on the roach and that’s why the sludge was moving. No one I showed this comic to at the time seemed to understand the possibility of New Yorkers coughing up new and disturbing lifeforms.