April 1, 2003

New York has been pretty good to me as far as roaches go. I’ve only had three especially horrible encounters. Once I saw one on the floor by my desk, and smashed it multiple times with my bare foot (yuck). The other time I was watching a movie with friends with all the lights out when suddenly we see this little shadow moving across the floor…A friend of mine grabbed his sneaker and smashed the crap out of it. Of course it was still alive so he had to put in a few more hits for good measure. The third encounter was an inspiration for a later comic.

I had no idea how to draw the character in a chair which is why I duplicated him a bunch of times because it was too painful trying to draw this and failing so badly. He’s supposed to be drinking something, but in the other panels it inexplicably becomes a remote control. I wasn’t sure how to draw the hand holding the can. At this point I wasn’t even using Photoshop to erase overlapping lines.

The roach named Earl appears in one more comic but I ditched the idea. In retrospect it’s pretty disgusting if a guy had a pet roach. For some reason whenever I read this strip I picture Brad Pitt from “Fight Club” riding his bike through the house “Hey man, whatcha doin’?”