Everyone hates telemarketers, and it’s fun to trade stories about the various ways we get rid of them. A cousin of mine once asked them to hold, and left the phone off the hook for fifteen minutes. When he came back they were still on the line. He hung up. The best story I’ve heard so far is from my sister who told the telemarketer that we don’t let our mom use the phone anymore, then she hung up. This was also inspired by the episode of Seinfeld where they’re asking if he wants a subscription to the New York Times and he says “YES!” (hangs up). I was trying to think of an original way to torture a telemarketer, I’ve never actually done this before.

The Harry Potter reference is just because I had friends whose lives for so long revolved around Harry Potter. At this point I really couldn’t care less about the entire franchise.

Something you see a lot in the early strips is that I had no sense of panels at all. I also didn’t want to draw the settings (as evidenced by the chair and computer). I didn’t want to draw the computer for the telemarketer or keys on the keyboard, because that would be too much effort. This is why the computer is just a big rectangle with light rays supposedly being emitted by it.

I didn’t even try to draw the keyboard at a proper angle. Plus the characters don’t have bottom halves because I didn’t want to draw them sitting. The style of TV here is different from what I have in later strips because after this one I modeled it after the TV stand I have.